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A frobo is: A freeloading hobo.

The word “Frobo” derives from the word “Hobo”. The “Fr-” part creates the relation between the words “Freeloader” and “Hobo”. People are Frobos if they lack money and take or borrow from others. Frobos may take matters into their own hands and take without permisson. Frobos are usually commit petty theft. Very rarily do they commit large crimes.
That frobo didn't have enough money to buy some fries so he took some of mine!
by Salik Hasan December 13, 2005
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Frobo is also known in the east coast of the Isle of Man as a shortened version of the 'FROnt BOttom' of a lady or hermaphrodite. Created by DR L Gordon and DR L Watson
As one man said to another walking down the street.

Oi mate, look at the frobo on that!!!!

he laughs and says
Yeah it'd be like kissing her ass!!!
by LauraGordon October 09, 2009
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Frobo: A homeless person who has frozen to death.

The word “Frobo” derives from the words “Hobo” and “Frozen”. A shortened version of frozen-hobo.
Damn you know it's cold when you pass 5 Frobos in a single block.
by hambergerz January 10, 2010
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