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Also called mayonaise or Mayo for short. A highly fat/egg based sause. Used on Burgers and fries in Holland (as well as other countries)
"pass me some frites sause please"
"Yes, i want mayo on my burger, please"
by Killy the Fox April 04, 2004
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Created by poor french ppl from Lachine who cant afford cheese on their poutine.
Jean Guy had to buy frites sauce cuz hes a fucking pepper.
by Ouelette March 26, 2003
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A lower class type of gravy. Used mostly in the lower areas of Quebec. Used often on fries to improve their taste.
Bein, Est-ce que je peux avoir du firtes-sauce, estie-tabarnaque? Translation: Can I have some frites-sauce please, french obsanities.
by Lesk November 30, 2003
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