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Fringie is a City of Heroes word coined by Raventus on the justice server. A 'Fringie' is an un-original character, i.e. one resembling an already compyrighted character from another source. On City of Heroes this is an inexcusable crime, an Fringie came abiout as a slang word for those 'Copyright Infringing' characters that everyone hates.
Wow, NeO... Spid3rman... Super Gimli... Wulvureen... this place is full of Fringies.
by Wik -Raventus CoH July 07, 2004
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someone who hangs around a lot of different groups, but is not affiliated with any of them. they will hold close relations to one or two people, but will not easily hang out with the entire group frequently. they could be seen walking from group to group often. keeping at the "fringe" of the group
Wasn't Sam just here?

yeah, he just left to talk to the goth kids.
UGH! I missed him at the Gamers' table too!

whatja expect? dude's a fringie.
by WildKard13 March 22, 2010
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