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People in wanky emo / screamo bands with large fringes and plugs in their ears. The type that kick about with brand new black super skinnys to show off their tiny cocks. Usually have sleeve tattoos that they completed in one session to get the look, almost always a koi fish somewhere. Synchronised, well rehearsed stage moves. Utterly dreadful music. Penchant for posting photos of themselves kissing guys, reasons for this unknown, but 9 out of 10 doctors agree they should have a conversation with their Father. Oversized, black spectacles, "Clark Kenters" are found on at least 50% of any band. In a situation where the members form an odd number, an Emonocle is usually employed.
Man, that band are so wank, I can't stand that wingey bastard." - "Dude, that's just some Fringecore bullshit, lets go across town and see a real band. Did you see that radge with the Emonocle?"

Followed by much hilarity.
by Boaby Jackson February 23, 2011
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Covers the spectrum of people who listen to thrash, death, black and heavy metal. However the difference being that they do not like baggy clothes and look like a darker emo kid. Think black metal but hott. A girl with long washed straightened hair, tight jeans, stud belt, whatever shoes but ususally just black boots and a machine head or dimmu borgir top.
(At a Machine Head concert) -
Dan; OMG, look at that girl!
Shaun; WTF its an emo kid...kill!!
Dan; No look at the t-shirt and accessories!
Shaun; Holy shit! It's a hott female Dimmu lover... we found a fringecore!!
by The Metal Mistress September 10, 2008
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