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Like teamwork, but only really good friends are capable of completing a task and are able to call it "friend work". Usually results in a high-five.
Huh, I wonder why friendwork doesn't show up as a word on this document?

Friend One: Hey, can you hold the stake in the ground?

Friend Two: Yeah, no problem.

Friend One hammers stake into ground.

Friend Two: That was friendwork, right there.


amp boy...
by WingustheDingus September 03, 2011
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Friendwork is when you phone up your smartest friend you have, at the last minute before homework is due in and ask them what they put for a b or c. and then you copy everything they put down.Everyone does friend work even me and im the smart cool one.
Tanya) hey Tina wat u put for A, im doing friendwork on you know

Tina)put 789 don't copy me yeah anyway wats friend work

Tanya) dont worry i wont ish and friend work its nothing
by little miss bliss May 26, 2009
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