When someone on a dating app is wasting other people's time because they want attention and to be friends but not actually date.

A recent study by John Hopkins University showed 93.154% of people who want friends first have trust issues and are afraid of intimacy or sex. Because of this it will be very hard for them to have a healthy relationship.
Friends first is the unpaid internship of the dating world. They want you to do all the same work and use you but don't want to give you any benefits.
by Wordiculous May 22, 2022
When you want to get to know someone before you have sex with them
"That guy wanted to fuck like right now but I told him friends first".

"Dude what happened to you?"
"I was so turned on I thought my cock was going to start speaking for itself but when I put my hand on her vag she said "Whoa! Friends first."
by Mr Special August 20, 2019
When your girlfriend/boyfriend ignores you while you are standing right there and talks to her friends instead.
hey why do you always put your friends first over your boyfrend/girlfriend?
by noxid, nivla April 27, 2006
when you know for a fact within minutes of meeting someone, you will be friends for life.
1) "I knew as soon as we shook hands, it was friend at first sight".
2)"You like Jameson irsish Whiskey too?! Man this is friend at first sight!"
by Whiske'Lite's! July 4, 2009
friend at first sight is where you meet someone for the first time, know they will be good friends for life........cos they are too butt ugly to want to ever be friends with benefits with!!!
OH goodness when I met Mary and know I just wanted to be a friend at first sight!!!!!!!! Now just thinking of her face can someone please pass me a sick bucket? Its like picturing the ass of a monkey which has never been cleaned of poop!
by The Smart Ass June 21, 2015