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A person who may not have any friends but has soul mates and family
Him: she’s friendless
Her: that just means she has people she can’t trust with her
Him: oh, cool
by DeepPerson May 19, 2018
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being friendless means you're either myself or onii-chan. okay, so, being friendless literally means you have no friends and you spend all your time sitting on your freaking computer watching anime loud as fuck 24/7.
guy - "stop you're a friendless guy"
friendless guy - "then why are you talking to me if i had no friends?"
by augiefamayy April 28, 2017
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Having no friends because your a bitch to everyone.
Girl 1,"Why am I friendless?"
Boy 1,"Because your a bitch!"
by Bytch November 19, 2014
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