Like an NDA ("Nondisclosure Agreement") that you agree to when one of your friends who works in a classified field (entertainment, government) let's you in on something not appropriate for public ears or eyes.
My friend told me what the monster looks like in the new J.J. Abrams movie because she works on the set, but I can't repeat it because I'm under a Friend-D-A.
by Snarfblatt May 14, 2011
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What a person that takes advantage of people, sucks the life out of those that attempt to care about him despite what their peers think. Also, traps those that attempt to love him. Also, jealous, mean spirited, picks on children, has no job, no phone and is homeless.
Did you hear what that D-Friend said today? I would rather have an enemy anyday than a D-Friend.
by laughingthru June 10, 2011
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