The act of systematically friending every friend of a friend to the point where the friends of your friend are so irritated that they defriend your friend. This usually requires more than one friend acting in concert to achieve actual de friend levels of irritation to the friends of your friend. This act of group friend bombing is known as atomic friend bombing. Proceed with caution when atomic friend bombing, you may cause a chain reaction and in turn have no friends.
Sweet! I have a new friend today... ahh wait... who the f** is this? Da**mit another friend bomb! I hate Mumford 2005!
by zimzam86 April 25, 2011
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When you click on a friend's name on facebook and load them up with all your best friends.
I don't usually friend bomb someone who plays Farmville, no matter how good their posts are, it's embarrassing. But if they prove themselves long enough, I will even friend bomb them.
by BridgetObama June 13, 2011
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