Freiderike is the most perfect human being to ever walk this planet. She is gorgeously beautyful, and can chaarm you from 1000 miles away. while she may LOOK like a sereotypycal "pretty girl" she is completly different. She has a different pint of view on life, but one that is always very uplifting. No matter, what you are talking about, she has a well formed opinion. She can be overly cautious at times. She is an amazing conversationalist. She can communicate well with mst people, and her charm helps her be liked by almost everyone. Probably would make the best girfreind in the entire universe.
When I met Friederike, I knew right away that she was different. And that was the best thing that ever happened to me. And once I make her mine, I will do everything to keep it that way. Friederuíke is the best thing that ever happened to me. <3
by ALFLO August 17, 2013
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If you've ever met Friederike you'll probably remember, cause you must have a crush on her since the day you've seen her for the first time. She is the kindest, cutest, most beautiful and talented person you will ever meet in your life. She is so lovely, everyone around her loves her even more than she loves animals and the only times, people fight with her, are the times, when she says something bad about herself. She does that, because she gives so much love and joy to the world, that she doesn't have much for herself... you just want to give her the love she deserves but can't bring up on herself.
Friend: Why are you so happy?

Me: I've met Friederike today.

Friend: I told you, she's just the most perfect human being!

Me: Yeah she's wonderful! I wanna marry this girl! I can't think of anyone else! I'm gonna ask her if she wants do be my girlfriend now...
by Kalle 123 July 2, 2022
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A girl known for her magical vagina. It's so soothing and tight you never wanna take it out.
Dude i had some of that Friederike last night.
by djfoster12 October 27, 2016
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friederike is an amazing bitch. you better not be in a relationship with her.
guy1: jo bruda was geht was geht lass die mal klären

guy2: nene lass ma die sieht aus wie ne friederike
by hsiakabsbslssk May 20, 2022
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