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Also commonly known as fried butter on a stick, this is an American invention known to contribute to 1 in 3 Americans' diabetes and obesity.

A snack similar to an American corm dog, where a block of butter is attached to a skewer and deep fried.
Also the snack Americans eat while riding in a Ford Mustang wearing a jacket with the flag decorated on it singing the US national anthem waving an American flag and shouting patriotic slogans while in either Russia or China.
Bob got type 2 diabetes after his diet was mainly based on 7 fried butters a day for around 13 days.
by Rydux July 12, 2016
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When one proceeds to go to a nudist beach and the finds a woman who is tanning the vaginal region. Then said person proceeds to have sexual intercourse with the woman.
I went to the nudist beach and had fried butter with the hottest Latino
by Pu$$yslayer69 September 12, 2016
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