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(Int.) A Expressive phrase appropriate to use on a Christian Roblox / Minecraft server. Generally used to express grief or extreme discomfort while maintaining your ego as a MTBG( Minecrafter That Believes In God).
Person 1: WhAT tHE "Frick Frack Snick Snack" Ahappened TO mY HOuSE

Person 2: I don't know it could be the CREEPErS

Person 1: lets go FRICK THEM UP
by chunglemaster90000 October 19, 2017
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This is an expression of surprise, disgust or disbelief. It often takes the place of the F-word as a more user-friendly, progressive approach to cursing.
D'Andrick: "Bruh you can't just dip your chicken into a brutha's Zax sauce like that!"
Pichael: "I don't know who the frick frack snick snack you think you're talking to bruh!"
by Whotrynafor500 July 13, 2017
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