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Short for France's exit from the EU—another idiotic political choice after Brexit that would only speed up the collapse of the EU, with or without Germany staying.
With Brexit and Frexit dealing a double blow to the EU, the chances of Turkey being admitted to a castrated EU look pretty high, as remaining members put on a united front to show to the world that the group is anything but weaker and poorer.
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by MathPlus May 02, 2017
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Abbreviation for french exit: to make an early exit without saying good-bye.
"I'm gonna frexit this party before Jimmy gets any drunker."
by arseniosantos August 18, 2016
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A name given by the news media for the possible exit of France from the European Union (EU), along the same lines as Britain's "Brexit" and Germany's "Gexit." A decaying political establishment in France, most especially that of the Euro Socialists, is facing a rising tide of anger from the French people, and national elections in France are coming up soon.

The French people are notably upset by a stagnating economy and social problems with Middle East "refugees" (genuine and not...), both generated by an even more socialist-leaning EU. The more nationalist right wing parties in France are jumping on this issue, and French capitalists are reportedly shifting major assets overseas in anticipation of a possible Frexit after elections.

The upsets in America's National Elections of 2016 and England's Brexit vote have made France's socialist establishment government and press very nervous about a possible Frexit. "Something like this could happen to them."

Frexit would be a terrible nightmare for socialists on both sides of the Atlantic, as the combined Brexit, Gexit, and Frexit could very well mean the end of EU. The effects of a Frexit on the United States are unknown, but are not likely to amount to much because US ties with France are long-standing and strong.
A successful Frexit would be France's hardest blow to Euro-socialism.
by Disillusioned Dem March 06, 2017
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