When a sports team gives its fans hope only to blow it by shooting itself in the foot season after season, sport after sport.
Jim- “We look great this game. We should win this!”

Bob- “Don’t get too excited. They’ll end up Fresno Stating”
by Fresno49er November 06, 2018
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A great school with a nationally ranked Top 25 Football team (although with a shitty kicker), excellent professors, huge parties, gorgeous women, and an all around awesome "college experience". There is a thriving Greek system, and the school even has its own winery. The brand new 103 million dollar, 15,000 seat Save Mart Center on campus hosts Fresno State basketball, volleyball, and bands such as Metallica, Beyonce, and many others. The Save Mart Center was recently named the 10th busiest building in the world by Pollstar magazine. State's new Henry Madden Library opening in Spring 09' will be the largest library out of any other University in California.
I went to Fresno State because I felt like having a gnarly ass college experience instead of all those losers who decided to stay at home with their Mommy and Daddy, minimum wage jobs, and community college.
by j.i.t.b.c. October 29, 2008
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