A beautiful language, spoken in France, Switzerland, Monaco, and several countries in Africa. French is a language that "sounds pretty" or sometimes even "sexy" when a hot French man speaks it, using soft delicate words.
It's a language that even when saying the most vulgar phrase in the world, can sound beautiful.
Pierre- Tu es une putain grosse! (you are a fat whore!)
Janice- Aw thanks Pierre! You're so sexy when you speak the French language!
Pierre- Merde. (shit.)
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011
the french language is stupid because they have 15 to many letters that don't even get there spot in the spotlight in each word!!!!
the french language is stupid.
by @be0powerly February 19, 2020
A verb used when talking about a great evil or catastrophe.
A: "Oh no I have unleashed the The Entire French Language!"
The world ends
by five's July 8, 2022
a beautiful language, but don’t let it fool you. Once you dig deeper, she is like a rotten egg… pretty on the outside, but when you try to open, she kills you immediately.
God, why did i choose french language… it’s so pretty, but learning it is horrible! Reminds me of a rotten egg.
by annays February 7, 2022