Fregley is a character in diary of a wimpy kid, he is also a nuclear terrorist, he kamikazes into a building in the fourth book, causing his death.
My favorite part of diary of a wimpy kid is when Fregley nukes North Korea because Trump was to much of a pussy to do it himself.
by Lil Cum Boy April 09, 2020
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Fregley is the physical manifestation of the antichrist, and a character from Jeff Kinney’s ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ book series. He is morally dubious and enacts terrible crimes but never gets punished. It is not certain whether he can even be classified as human. If you see him, run, because he’ll chase you with a booger on his finger.
Man, I hate that part in the books when Fregley commited mass genocide towards ethnic minorities.
by radiantbiscuitman March 05, 2021
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In between a semi and a full on rock hard monstrosity, a Fregley has a stiff texture yet is unnoticeable.
Dude 1: bro she totally didn’t turn me on
Dude 2: I mean I kinda had a Fregley
by Freggsmash May 13, 2019
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