Right-wing political activist. So-called, because it is the nickname of the denizens of the ultra-right wing Web site FreeRepublic.com. Similar to "ditto-head."

Also spelled FReeper
Bill thinks that anyone who opposes President Bush should be thrown in jail. He's a total Freeper.
by FlashHarry April 8, 2004
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A member of the Free Republic internet forum. The term applies to both activist and non activist members.

The term was originally coined by Lucianne
Goldberg in 1998 when she posted there under the posting name, "Trixie".
The Freepers went to a rally.
See also:
verb: to freep = activist activities
-to participate in a demonstration, letter writing, petitions, polls etc. Expressed in the form, "Freep that poll"
or "Freep that meeting" for example.
by Freeper September 17, 2004
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Ardent basement-dwelling keyboard warriors who are possessed of a sport's fan mentality, and frequent the site 'Freerepublic.com'. Freepers as a group epitomize the very essence of hypocrisy. Almost universally self-described as 'Christians', Freepers are also almost universally pro-war, antagonistic to the poor and infirm, pro-authoritarian, and open to the use of violence in lieu of civil discussion and process. Freepers, being naturally prone to fear, are also terrified of non-whites, Muslims or anyone that looks like they might be Muslim, and of course, 'teh Gays'. Freepers will express this fear as threats of violence as they believe doing so hides the fact that they are either cowards or closeted 'queers' themselves.

Having a more simplistic 'black and white' mentality, Freepers are easily manipulated into believing many erroneous and irrational ideas that are detrimental to the nation's middle and lower classes, which the Freepers inexplicably feel they are above while exercising lifestyles that involve co-habitation with parents or siblings and harvesting road-kill to supplement a diet of Cheetos™ and generic cola products.

In print, Freepers are universally incapable of employing proper grammar or spelling despite their purported love for English as America's "ofical" language. In person, they will display an inability to grasp concepts such as 'Heat=Energy', 'Substantiation', and even 'Respiration' if they accidentally close their mouths.
"Mommy, why's that man digging in Ms. Robin's trash cans?"
"Oh, that's a Freeper honey... don't get near him."

"My going to the dentist is like a Freeper going to the library."

"How many Freepers does it take to change a lightbulb?"
Zero; "Ma! The light burned out agin!"
by Dr. Eldritch July 24, 2011
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A knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, foam at the mouth, rabid dog, conservative nutcase who spends time between killing small animals posting on the Conservative Republican Porn site freerepublic.com.

Lead by king nutcase Jim Robinson, also known as Rimjob, these bizarre freaks spend their days franticly masterbating over pictures of Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, and their Bush Christ, and spewing the daily talking points from the Reich Wing.

Most FREEPERS seem to believe that their King, Dumbya the 1st, walks on water, heals the sick, brings sight to the blind, and truly is the Son of God (Funny, I didn't know God had retarded offspring)
FREEPERS can be recognized from the following attributes. Fat, Ugly, Stupid, Angry, redneck.
by Hugh Jorgen II May 19, 2006
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A pseudo-conservative known correctly as a "neo-con" who likes to pretend they are conservative, but are actually a bunch of pro-corporate whores who worship the grandson of the nazi facilitator Prescott Bush. They are lead by Jim Robinson who, not unlike screaming liberals, will boot you from his site if you say anything wrong about El Presidente Jorge Bushy.
Oh crap, we have another freeper stepford wife masterbating over bush.
by exterminator September 11, 2005
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someone who freeps a lot
to freep: fall asleep on the toilet in the middle of explosive diarea so your sit winds up touching your ass. Anti freeping medicine is available at your local farmacy in the hair products aisle.
Dude last night i cought Joe freeping in the guys bathroom.
by satanlikessquirrels March 8, 2005
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One who analyzes and recommends action with regards to political matters from the perspective of logic and rationality, rather than rabid emotion
"Unlike the flailing guilt-ridden granola crunching trend sucking dilettante lefty moonbats at dailykos, freepers make it a habit to think before speaking, and don't consider grotesque sexual slanders to be an answer to argument"
by Mercuryrising January 30, 2006
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