the equal and opposite side of the Social Justice Warrior coin. Where the SJW will use the guise of social justice and progressive politics to silence right wing opinions and promote division, the FSW will use the guise of "protecting free speech" to silence left wing opinons and promote division.
"Richard went to that right wing protest and started chanting about jews and faggots replacing him, he must be one of those Free Speech Warriors."

"That Free Speech Warrior publicly called for journalists to be shot, but after that happened he said it was just a joke and he was exercising his rights!"
by The Gayest Retard June 29, 2018
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A person who is obsessed with freedom of speech and will flaunt it in any way possible, yet ironically knows very little about the concept. In effect, someone who constantly tries to excuse douchebaggery by hiding behind their highly flawed understanding of free speech. Essentially they are like SJWs except their crusade centres around a warped view of free speech (instead of social justice) and their views tend to be right wing.

Free speech warriors tend to understand "freedom of speech" as "the obligation for others to listen to what I say and not be offended by or criticize it, except when I find it objectionable". Anyone who criticizes, takes offense or otherwise takes exception to speech that they don't personally feel affected by is engaging in "censorship" and hates free speech.

In practise, however, a free speech warrior often only cares about free speech when it agrees with them or if it doesn't affect them, and their defense of free speech may break down when met with opinions that they find to be highly objectionable. They will throw their crusade for free speech out the window and advocate or condone what they previously considered censorship for these views. They may even falsely invoke well-accepted exceptions (ex. inciting violence) to free speech when this happens.
Black woman: "Wow, someone called me a nigger bitch cunt. I don't want to talk to them anymore."
Free speech warrior: "Why? Do you not think he has the right to dissenting opinions? You must hate freedom!"

*On an online game*
Free speech warrior: "Gamer #1, you're a cocksucker and I hope you die a horrible death!"
Gamer: "Yeah, if you're going to keep being an asshole I'm just going to walk away."
Free speech warrior: "I have the right to be an asshole because it's in the First Amendment. Do you have a problem with that?"
Gamer: "I don't want to talk to you anymore." *hits mute and block*
Free speech warrior: "That gamer hates free speech. They're a commie marxist totalitarian who loves censorship!"

Forum user: "Wow, there are a bunch of trolls, flamers, shitposts and spammers in this forum. Can the mods please clean this place up?"
Free speech warrior: "You don't believe in free speech. FIRST AMENDMENT BITCHEZ!"

Headline 1: Holocaust supporter banned from speaking at University.
Free speech warrior: "That university is a leftist indoctrination school that hates free speech and dissenting opinions!"
Headline 2: Person who agrees with feminism banned from speaking at University
Free speech warrior: "Hooray! Good on them for not allowing commie brainwashing feminazi free speech hating cucks to speak! Freedom of speech is alive and well!"
by August 8, 2017
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