Giving out game .. fa Free. When somebody put you on to something or teaches you the way to do something
“I’m giving y’all free game since I’m yalls big dawg
by me❤ January 6, 2021
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(also "open game") : open for anyone to take or use; unclaimed, up for grabs.

Originally used in the sense of "game" as animals to be hunted.
Roadside blackberries are free game for anyone to eat.
by tangles10 August 2, 2010
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No cost social exchange or entertainment. An opportunity to mix things up.
I'd rather go back to high school than get my GED, because it's free game.
by cvthom September 4, 2008
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The one and only wordIRC/word channel that will never live up to it's name. Founded by a hobbit named wordEno_/word from a far away land with faeries.
1. Why is it called #Free-Games if nobody ever serves any games?
2. Isn't that queer word|PuNk|/word in #Free-Games?
by ! June 27, 2003
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Also known as #Free-Games, the IRC channel. The final bastion of sanity, formally from DALnet. Upon entering, the faint smell of sex intrudes your senses, giving you a strange feeling of vulnerability. Located on it features the resident black man Eclipsed, our god Odin79, the evil flying monkey god akusarujin, Eno_ the all knowing vietnamese prostitute, and |PuNk|, the channels bitch. Masturbation is a known pastime for the #free-game's idlers.
"God, I need a good ass-raping. I know! Lets go to #free-games! YAY!!"
<BakedGoods> I hear Eno_'s giving out handjobs in #free-games tonight!
<Odin79> Nope, its |PuNk|'s turn this time.
by BakedGoods February 7, 2003
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A forum where countless people come to bitch, complain, and talk about games and other stuff (runescape, or "runecrack" mostly). This site features many different personas. The site features a lazy ass admin that doesn't seem to like to change the forum in anyway. But the forum is sometimes a nice place.

The forum has declined through most og its history though.
Damn my day was suck, Im going to go to Free games forum (FGF) and tell them.
by Jabman August 1, 2006
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That one friend that refuses to buy any game and ends up forcing the whole group to play some crap free game.

Usually he only can play on weekdays, due to the amount of homework his Asian parents are giving them
Person 1: Bro Asian Friend such a free game faggot, he only plays csgo, war thunder and fake fortnite.

Person 2: I wish he would just buy minecraft so he could play with us
by HahaEcksDee October 2, 2020
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