Also known as a virus or many viruses that plague your computer when you need vbucks to show all of your friends how much money you have. But, instead of recieving the digital currency for virgins, you recieve viruses that eat at your computer, just like how you, a virus upon the video game community eats away at fellow gamers' sanity.
Loser Friends - "Hey did you get the newest skins on Abortnite?"
You - "Yeah, I have so much more money than you guys, get rekt scrubs."
Your Computer - "I think you just plagued me with Free V-Bucks, and now I can't run the hellhole of a game that you play. Thank god I can just die and never have to see you play that god forsaken game again you virgin loser. Fuck you."
by Cynik0s September 4, 2018
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A thing online that will make you very happy if you click on it and will give you video game money out of pure generosity and make you rich.
I gave that shady free v-bucks generator my credit card number and now I’m rich with v-bucks.
by Free v bucks generator troll February 23, 2023
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