To line your ass up on the free throw line just beyond the bowl, and fire a shit into the water on the full
He must have been practising for months to land that free throw
by OranParkour September 13, 2018
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An action performed by a male upon a female in which he mounts her chest and thrusts back and forth until he administers a thick layer of semen across her neck.

A Free Throw is the same thing as a Titty Fuck, derived from the abbreviation TF and then reversed to FT.

Free Throw is used as a method to be able to speak about the action in a public setting, without alluding to what is actually being spoken about.
After the party, Kumar took Bertha into the other room and proceeded to Free Throw her, commencing the action by leaving a glistening Pearl Necklace across her throat.

After spring break, the story of the infamous Free Throw circulated around the school, causing many to ponder over how Manish and Gertrude put themselves in that situation.
by Apu the Guju August 28, 2010
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The act of shitting before your ass hits the seat
"I didn't think I was going to make it to the bowl. Luckily, I dropped my pants in time to free throw it!"
by NEO LEO January 02, 2014
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Getting head from somebody of the opposite sex without giving nothing back in return
Yeah shorty hooked me up with some free throws last night then I went to sleep!
by Munir Waiters November 18, 2003
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is a woman that you take home and "love" after losing a fight,game,ect.and leave in the middle of the night when your all done. As Free throw in basketball is to take a shot when you were fouled by another player. Is usually done out of sympathy for the loser and also is usually a gargantuan or Ugly Women.
Guy1:Hey so I heard you went home with the bearded chick after you got your ass stomped by Marcus?

Guy2: Yeah bro, its no big though she was nothing but a free throw.

Guy1:Yeah...look dude after that whole mess I decided i can't hang with you no more seeings how you like men's facial hair all on your junk and all.
by Travis Stimpson January 05, 2009
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Any time you miss a free throw, it is called a Shaq Free Throw. Not to be confused with the Ben Wallace free throw.
Shaq Free Throws will probably become obsolete sometime in 2007, when Shaq has perfected his shooting percentage. Oh well, there's always the Ben Wallace free throw.
by D-Miles August 20, 2006
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