1. the best kind of stuff
2. The kind of stuff no one sees you taking
3. the stuff you find

dude check out all the free stuff i got from the markets today

dude ure free stuff you got is gnarly
by cameron thomas March 28, 2007
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That which is dumped in Jeremy's neigbor's yard and complimented with a sign that reads "Free Stuff: Please Take." It would be rude not to take these gifts. Can be found a day later on Old Dump Road
by BDIZZLE June 10, 2004
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People that go to conventions and shows and get too much of the same stuff for free. They don't know what to do with all of the stuff that they took.
Marcus has a severe case of free stuff greed; he went to a computer convention and took twelve identical notepads from Microsoft.
by Kilowatt June 8, 2007
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something a noob will say over and over until your heart explodes on runescape
by like ill ever tell ;) July 15, 2004
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Usually used by a noob or newbs in mmorpgs. Asking for free stuff (items) to help get to a higher level in a game. Often expressing sad emoticons.

Also used sarcastically to act like a noob or mock one.
Player A: Check out my cool new weapon
Player B: Wow, hot!
Noob: Free stuff plz?
Player A & B: NO!

Noob: OMG im noob plz giv me free stuff. :( :( :(
by Froobert July 15, 2006
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The phrase you use when some idiot complain about something the got for free
Person 1: this *free* game is so shit
Person 2: free stuff no bitching!
by Boeing747 December 20, 2020
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national give girls named Jada and Ghazeye free stuff day
National give Ghazeye And Jada free stuff
by vscogirlcheck November 6, 2019
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