1. A large intact bowel movement that follows a period of constipation. 2. Oversized excrement from the bowels. 3. A condition of the bowels in which the feces are very large and hardened and evacuation is difficult.
The proctologist warned Robert that due to a rather sensitive digestive system, the consumption of chorizo is likely to result in constipation and Fred Heads.
My break is coming up and I'm looking forward to dropping a few Fred Heads; what follows is always pure euphoria.
by Josh-Mark March 06, 2009
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One of the many drug dealers on rhode island ave in D.C. Has a fat ass melon for a head and is fond of animals.
Me:Yo chris lets go beat down fat head fred for that vicious ass north face he got.
Chris:aight son lets call paul and hobo first for back up then we goin to beat down slummy.
Me:thats cool wit me, we can sell that green bike he got on ebay for 55 dollars.
by zxulu the big lip bandit October 21, 2004
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