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{freek ov fry-day} noun, 1. A person who obsesses about and plans for Friday night partying all week long. 2. A person that has a suppressed, but distinct alter ego that manifests itself during Friday nights with many negative consequences.

For both definitions their personality and behavior changes dramatically when they hit the town on Friday night: it typically involves getting fubared plus acting on all their pent-up aggression, desires, horniness, insecurities, etc. The results are usually not good with lots of double shelving, puking, fights, embarassment, DUIs, horrific two-day hangovers and one night stands with fuglies. Alcohol and/or drugs are ever-present.
He's/She's a Freak of Friday. He/She made good on their plans by drinking so much that they puked all over themselves right at the bar. Everyone just laughed.

The Freak of Friday likes to dance on tables and then starts taking off her clothes. Once she got completely naked before the popo showed up. The guys were grabbing her tits, ass and snatch.

The Freak of Friday borrowed $600 on Monday and blew it all at the strip clup. He got so fubared that he peed on someone's leg. The bouncer slammed his face and broke his jaw. He just laid there completely limp. What a dumphus.

Did you see what the Freak of Friday brought home last night? What a dog. He's really frikcin' ugly.
by Stupid Is As Stupid Does September 18, 2009
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