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When you're trying to get with the hottest girl at the party and some asshole with a guitar shows up and plays some sappy song, for example "How to Save a Life," that melts her panties right off.
"Is Woody getting with that hot chick?"
"Nah, man, the 'guitar hero' just Frayed him."
"That sucks, maybe we should join a band or something."
by Horace Longwood March 20, 2007
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Someone or something that is whack or busted.
It can refer to someone who is not well put together, dressed like a scrub, or someone who is just fugly.
Term derived from the dishevelled, unkempt, tattered ends of a rope.
Damn, bro I just saw Steve macking with that frayed ass girl over there, he must have his beer goggles on.
by Solorzano Brothers March 22, 2005
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To have money or property taken from by fraud or deceit. To be deprived of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud. To be deceived by underhanded methods.
I went to McDonalds and ordered a Quarter-pounder with cheese. They left the cheese off but still charged me for it. I got FRAYED.
by Anastasia Beoverhousen November 06, 2006
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