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Foxtrot November is code for Fu<king Nightmare, the most dangerous zombie (code Zulu) class in the series "Arisen" by Michael Stephen Fuchs and Glynn James. Unlike the slow, shambling zombies who arise at the beginning of the plague, Foxtrot Novembers are nightmarishly fast and exist only to infect humans as rapidly as possible.
We lost Bob when a Foxtrot November leapt on top of the jeep and jumped 20 feet into the air to catch Bob as he climbed the rope to the helicopter. Bob made it in, but the infection spread fast and we lost him in minutes.
by VioletlovesBlue February 01, 2018
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A weak and pitiable man of low moral compass and lower physical standards. Not an evil man per se, but more of a self-loathing sloth that can't get out of his own way.
"I can't attend your bachelor party, Larry, because too many of your buddies are dignity-stripping FoxTrot November types".
by Emmitt Fitzhume February 28, 2013
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