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When two people simultaneously take a shit in the wilderness while interlocking arms directly in front of them. Since there are two shits (number two's) taking place at the same time, the sum of the shits becomes a full on Foursie (2+2=4). This task has only been accomplished by two men. No known women have attempted this feat.
The first known Foursies was done on historic ground near Bass lake in California on 7/28/12. The men entered the woods, dropped pants, squatted down, locked hands in front of them, and simultaneously evacuated their bowels. They then ran from a mountain lion that turned out to be a dog.
by damedub July 30, 2012
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A revitalising afternoon break from work, traditionally taken at four which comprises of a coffee (or alternative beverage, including but not limited to coconut water, frappuccinos and broccoli smoothies), sweetmeats or a chocolate mint ice cream.

Democratic in nature, foursies may be called by any member of a work party and if seconded may be taken at any time after 2:30pm.

The tradition began in the high pressured offices of Horseferry Road, London, and quickly spread to the rest of the capital as a practical means of improving worker retention, satisfaction and efficiency.
Mike: What troubles you Ben? You’re looking low...
Ben: I fear I find myself caught in the dreary malaise of an afternoon lul...
Art: Mayhaps your wistful melancholy be assuaged with a brisk jaunt to yon’ caffeine peddler
Michal: Did I hear someone say foursies?
by entrodentro August 01, 2013
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