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One who closely resembles or shares characteristics with a retard and exhibits qualities usually associated with a fool. (fool + retard)
Look at that fotard try to trying to lick his elbow.
by Brett November 15, 2003
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a father-fucking retard (used to call a girl a name, instead of calling her a mother-fucking retard, a father-fucking retard) motard #7
Taylor is such a freaking fotard, I hope she dies, and rots in HELL!!!
by BGandAN May 10, 2005
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A moronic person or individual, who may act mentally-challenged but isn't, thus not having the excuse.
Geeze Scott, you're such a asshat fotard.
by CuntyMcAsshat July 20, 2006
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Fotard is pretty much a Motard which is a marine who is way over enthused about his job., no matter how shitty it is. Usually wears his firefighting shirt around town and talks non stop about being a firefighter. The difference is a rookie firefighter and a marine private or private first class. Tends to dig under the skin of his superiors or other seasoned firefighters. Likes to do shit like drive fire trucks around the district when no calls are issued. This greatly stirs and confuses the local population along with pissing off the officers. Someone who can't listen worth shit.
This fotard chatters on the radio when no calls or issued. It's fucking confusing.

This fotard didn't listen when I told him to leave the burning house when the second floor ceiling is engulfed in flames and about ready to collapse.

The damn fotard grabbed the wrong fire truck after being told to get engine 1 lound and clear.

This Fotard is way to motivated for doing shit jobs and once and can't listen worth a shit, little does he know chief is going to block him from ever being an officer.

I would never put my hands in the life of a fotard.
by penisbritches April 08, 2016
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