A Moderator of a forum that takes it upon himself to randomly delete posts with no forewarning, or locks threads without any explanation.
I replied to this question earlier, but the Forum Nazi deleted my post a few hours ago.
by {42}Sanf0rd May 1, 2003
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A moderator with no power in real life
so they compensate by volunteering as moderators on the internet
That midget DevilJin from cpixel compensates for his manhood by deleting all other forum members popular posts because he wants to be the top recognized poster, he is a typical forum nazi.

DevilJim the forum nazi uses multiple usernames in posting to his own topic.

The forum nazi deleted all other popular posts so his get more views,it gives him a feeling of accomplishment.
by JudgeMeNot January 17, 2008
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An Admin or Moderator who is very small in their non PC who abuses the trust and power given to them in order to direct discussion, traffic and post to suit their personal agenda.
Actions include locking, and/or editing post that contain information that is contrary to their own opinion.

I.E. Craydaddy on the salmoncrazy forums
Craydaddy removed my post that fng forum nazi
by Bob James centerpin February 26, 2007
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A person who seems to think that s/he has to the right tell others where their posts go.
Forum Nazi: "This belings in the Flame Forum. Not in General Discussion!"
by Buh December 6, 2002
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A member of the PLA forum. Usually deletes posts for no reason.
by AutisticPsycho March 11, 2004
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An Admin or Moderator who often tries to police a forum, big or small, so that it bends completely to their will.

Often this includes when sections, posts, and topics are removed when there really is no need for it to be done.
A high ranking forum member removes a section because they find people too childish to handle it.
by L0cke July 16, 2005
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