A colloquial term first heard in the backstreets of the small northern Australian township of Gordonvale. Usually used when you are surprised by something you are told and want to confirm you heard correctly.
Renae said to Kym & Ben "Are you forserious that you competed in the worm grunting competition in only 1 squetre?"
by _Hoey_ January 7, 2009
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Forserious or forseriously: One who is impling how serious he or she is or just being honest. like the word for real
Are you Forserious? I am forserious! This is a forseriously big commitment.
by Andrew Gotlieb,Mick Fine September 21, 2005
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1. Acting or speaking in reality rather than in a joking manner.

2. One being completely for real and serious.
1. I saw Bigfoot near my house last night, I don’t understand why you think I’m bluffing I am forserious

2 Bro why did you eat my pizza. I didn’t know you were so forserious I’m sorry.
by Recquese January 4, 2020
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meaning foreal, or is this real? the asking of if somthing is true, quite usuable as a filler word for boring conversations, and even when you know the person being asked forserious is not lying
whaaaat?!!? forserious reginald is a fat black chef from lowca?
by squish August 24, 2004
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Are you 'forreal'? Are you being serious. Also used as a surprised expression
"Dude i had sex wit Jonny's girl last night"
"Are you ForSerious??!!!!!"
by kaitlin April 9, 2003
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also like "belive me"
i realy meant it
ill pay u back for that hook-up, dawg. for serious, tho.
by YoungCali August 27, 2003
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