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A Lithuanian "subculture" that originated from Russia, the word "forsas" means "Force" in English.

A forsas usually wears fake nike or adidas clothing, for about 3$, also fake golden chains of a maximum price of 5$, a forsas face usually looks as dumb as it sounds, a forsas isn't smart, so don't expect him to do anything smart, they usually are always bald or have very short hair, and always move in gangs, because when they are alone they always get beat up. A forsas usually lives in abandoned houses, or very poor apartments, if a forsas can afford a car, he will most likely drive a BMW.

They usually try to threaten you, to make you scared or give all your money to them, or a mobile phone...Because they need a way how to contact other forsas.

Forsas always fights with other forsas, so they are not buddies unless they are in the same gang.

Forsas are hated by nearly everyone, a forsas feared enemy are the metalheads and punks.

Forsas language is Lithuanian or Russian (sometimes Polish), mixed with tons of eastern European profanity, they usually pronounce words differently to sounds cool, but it just sounds stupid.

A Forsas music choice is cheap Russian rap or cheap house music, anything other then that sucks.

The age group of forsas can wary from 14-35 (anyone over 35 is most likely dead out of drugs.)

A forsas height usually is from 160-170cm (5.2-5.5ft)
Two Metalheads walking:
-Hey, look at those Forsas, a bunch of faggots holding their hands!
-Lets go beat them up!

Forsas seeing a Metalhead:
-Oh fuck, a bunch of longhairs walking at us, should we fucking run?!
-Oh fuck, we should run, they will fucking kick our asses, fucking leg it!

*Forsas runs away*

Forsas seeing an emo:

-Look at that fucking gay asshole, lets go beat him up!
-Yeah, he cant do anything to us, fucking faggot!

*Beats up emo*

Forsas walking alone: "Please don't notice me, I don't want to get hurt!"

A daily Forsas conversation:
-Zdarov, today I fucking went and fucking beat up some little fucking kids, and took all the fucking money, and bought myself some vodka, if I keep doing this I might fucking buy a BMW, but then we will need fucking gas!
-Zdarov, I was walking to you all alone, nearly got beat up by some punks, I need to get myself a fucking knife before its to late!
by Queltherandomdude December 02, 2011
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Lithuanian thug, usually with fake Adidas or Nike clothes. Every 3rd word from his mouth is explicit, he likes threatening to kill you and he thinks how to steal your mobile all the time. Forsas should be feared when it's dark as he usually carries a knife with him.
Many teens in minor Lithuanian cities who wear sporty cheap clothes and are called forsas by normal, non-aggressive ones.
by Cayenn3 June 14, 2006
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