1.Something kids in school do often when they forget to get their parents to sign something.

2.Something kids in school do often when they didn't forget but simply didn't want their parents to see something.

Often, they use a friend with good penmanship to do it for them.
Miranda forgot to get her parents to sign her field trip permission form, so she forged her mom's signature.

Lacey beat up Kyle, and she got a note sent home, which she didn't want her parents to see. She got Kyle to forge it instead.
by Vampire Ghost October 9, 2006
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A blacksmith or engineer of a practical mein
This just isn't working, get a Forge in here to hammer it out.
by ZaphodBeeblebroxTheThird June 9, 2015
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A gay guy who loves to hit women
That forge just hit my mom.
by SASSILE November 25, 2007
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by kepicket October 17, 2020
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Common word used on the internet, which means Frog
by RazvanYIN May 3, 2023
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Space frogs; frogs that come from space. Forgs is the correct terminology for a space frog that, unlike most other names for them, is not a slur.
Oh, is that a forg? That's why it is 10 feet tall but is still an Anura! I see.
by Allegedly A Human November 18, 2020
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A time in your life of revival, gaining consciousness, new life or rebirth.
Marco was forged in Paceville.
by Nataliaaaaah July 26, 2018
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