it doesn’t exist

it’s usually a lie

this is a cry for help
when he said he would love her forever, he didn’t really mean it
by butilovedyou July 25, 2018
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You and I are forever. I love you Sarah Noel. I love that girl so much it is Rediculous.
It all started september 28th 2005
by Thomas Whalen February 2, 2006
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a word describing the distance of eternity from the x and y coordinates of the graph of time until the end of the world when the x and y coordinate meet the z coordinate which means FUCKING FOREVER!!!
just shut up. just shut up. shut. up. now. forever. i mean it.
by twangy wangy February 1, 2011
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Around 72 days for most celebrities.
Chris: I'll love you forever.
*72 days later*
Chris: Nice knowing you!
Kim: See ya jackass!
by Cannibalistic Taco July 28, 2012
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The non-existing time span that way too many half brained idiots used.
Forever one day, the next it's over.
Joe: Yeah, we'll be together forever!
Next Day
Joe: Sorry, this isn't working out.
by rawroarbitch December 19, 2010
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The time that elapses during chem, bio, or other labs in college. The schedule says 4 hours, but they in fact take forever.
"Man, that class dragged on FOREVER!"
by Just wait til the weekend August 29, 2011
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1. And phrase saying you will do something as long as you live

2. The third song in the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack
1. I will love you for forever!

2. All we see is sky, for forever
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