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1 the biggest mistake you could have ever made
2 the signing over of every dollar you make for a piece of sh!t
1 you mean he not only bought a ford but has a lease on it. lmfao
2 what happened to his retirement? well he signed a ford lease and the piece of sh!t hasn't worked since it came of the assembly line
by bro joe January 14, 2009
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A contract between Ford and a customers posterior.
Also includes a sub-par vehicle that disappears after the term of the lease expires leaving the customer in bewilderment at the vacant hole in their bank account and the throbbing from their backside.

Also known as "The Buttfuck"
Regular use -
Ford: "You're late for your Ford Lease payments this month."
Customer: "Please use lube..."

Slang use -
Geoff: "So Ford Leased you?"
Andrey: "Yup, right in the rear wiper."
by Geoff L May 20, 2005
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