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A cheap, reliable, and gas efficient car produced by Ford. While weighing less than a Honda Civic and having a bigger engine it still manages to be slow as hell and can get beat by almost anything. Its pretty much a go-cart with a interior!
1.) Dude I put $10 in my escort! That will last me half a month!

2.) My Ford Escort weighs 500 pounds less than your Civic and has a bigger engine by .2 liters, and i just got a tune up! Why did I lose the race?

3.) Dude the go-cart place said for five more dollars than the ticket price, i would be allowed to take the escort onto the track, but then i would waste an extra five dollars and have no chance at winning.
by G - Money June 21, 2007
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A nice car, such as the Mercadez Benz E Class, although the car does not have to be a benz, just a nice ride.
"Man you seen Derrick?!?! That nigga' riddin E Class in that Acura!!!"
by G - Money February 22, 2006
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