Nonsense, it means nothing. Its what people say when they really mean to say "for all intents and purposes".
1. For all intents and purposes = Correct

2. To all intents and purposes = Correct

3. For all intensive purposes = WRONG! You should have paid attention in English class!
by Malicious Matt August 20, 2005
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de facto: The phrase is a corruption of "for all intents and purposes" by persons who have heard the phrase, but have not read it in it's proper form. It means "for all intents, and for all purposes."

de jure: Taken literally, the phrase means "for purposes which are intense. All purposes which are not intense are not included." This is almost completely opposite to what is meant by most people, and is why it is imperitive that persons use the proper phrase.
For all intensive purposes, everyone gets this phrase wrong.
by KJ Fee January 12, 2007
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Frequently spoken by a complete fucking retard, usually from Alabama, who intends to say "For all intents and purposes".
Not sharking layer 2, for keybros errors in authentication for all intensive purposes renders remedial remediations virtually worthless. Errgo, a waste of your time.
by CorDev November 2, 2009
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How people who don't stop to think about things and are accustom to taking most things at face value say "For all intents and purposes."
My math teacher as a lead-in to some math point said "Well, for all intensive purposes..."

She was a young ditzy female who as her day job taught math and as her night job did modern dance. EXACTLY the type of person you would expect to say "For all intensive purposes."
by FooberFoober July 24, 2005
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A reintepration of the earlier phrase "for all intents and purposes", the phrase means "virtually" or "for all practical purposes".
For all intensive purposes the phrase "for all intensive purposes" is identical to "for all intents and purposes", and anyone who continues to make the distinction is a soulless pedant.
by MKHH November 15, 2006
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Originally used in common American/English vernacular as 'all intents and purposes' by just barely unintelligent people trying to sound as if the 'intents and purposes' surrounding them are highly important.

This phrase has since been changed to 'all intensive purposes' by people who do not listen carefully to the original phrase used in poorly written movies and who have also never seen it in print in equally poorly written books.

Also, the person listening to a speaker who says 'all intensive purposes' is likely to overlook it.
Tanar: Yeah, you're pretty much by best friend, but for all intensive purposes we'll just call it a tie between you and Kelsey.

Alyssa: Okay!
by FiskElection December 15, 2009
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What people say when they misheard "all intents and purposes". It means "all things considered."
by zilesaxet November 30, 2016
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