'For sure', but in a totally adorable way
So are we meeting in the back of the alley today?
-Oh for suresies
by Anna Kasabyan January 08, 2009
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the term "for sure" was a ghetto response to a question that means yes

Hipsters have taken this term, and with irony turned the tough about-to-shank-you word into something that's insane amounts of adorable, like a puppie sleeping next to a kitten
"sexy tight jean wearer: "are you still going to meet me and katy at starbucks for our poetry session?"

for suresies
by person who sleeps alot January 02, 2011
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Pronounced: 4- sure-zee

While in Vegas sitting at a poker table, fellow Canadians left the table saying they were going to get a "for suresy". They were refering to a prostitute.

Definition: A for sure thing

Plural: For Sursies

Country of Origin: Canada
- Let's get that hooker, she's a for sursy.

- He's got a breakaway with an empty net.. It's a For Suresy!!!!
by Captain_Charisma February 28, 2010
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A play off on "For suresy" or "For sursies", already a play off of "For Sure". Meaning a sure thing, commonly used as a means of confirmation. Alteration made in reference to the reality show Jersey Shore.
-"Hey dude, everyone is partying tonight right?"

-"Oh yeah, for suresy shore man."
by Just procrastinating. May 15, 2011
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