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A phrase one says when horribly losing in a video game, and in a last ditch effort tries to pull off a comeback, by inspiring their teammates. Wither ends in epic fail or epic win.
When all towers were down in LOL and the team was losing 20-10 in kills Bob yelled out "FOR NARNIA!!!" and his team promptly lost the game 20 seconds later.
by Dmatt90 July 22, 2011
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something you say while traveling to or entering somewhere, usually while running with a pretend sword in the air
Guy 1: Time to head for my Mother's Funeral.
Guy 2: (running off to the car) FOR NARNIA!
by joecwild March 07, 2010
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When running full spead ahead into a dark and scary bush and there is no looking back.


When your about to go to war in COD and you yell it to you fellow brothers!
Guy 1: Sanch did you do do it For Narnia!!!! yesterday?

Guy 2: Nah man couldnt get past the bush.
by AnalBandana November 03, 2012
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