While footsie can be used to flirt with someone, it is also a direct game. In this game the participants sit across from each other and tickle each other's feet with their toes. It is sometimes (rarely though) used along side {bondage}
She asked me to play footsie with her today.
by Galemir August 16, 2005
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1. The act of tickling another persons feet under a table with your own, usually as an act of flirting. Generally it is hidden.

2. The way of claiming money found on the floor. By placing your foot over the coin before the other person. If two people do it at the same time it can lead to a Footsie Battle.
1. The waiter caught is at footsies... and he never looked us in the eye for the rest of the evening.

Guy1:N00b, that is my money...
Guy2: Hey Law of Footsies, Footsie keepers..
Guy1: W/e.
Guy2: Footsies prevails. w007.
by Cillian S February 10, 2008
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Texting (or emailing) another co-worker during a meeting when you are both at the meeting table, about weasely things you're too embarrassed to ask for out loud like a real man.
At work, in a meeting, Alan sends text footsie: Hey Mandy, you look great today. Can you send me that link to that thing I have to present next?? THX!!
by OttoPup January 07, 2014
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The act of using the arches of your feet to jack off someone while swimming in the lake.
Brian blew the biggest load in his pants from the southern footsie that Amanda gave him while we were all in the lake.
by Bazooman September 06, 2010
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When a friend or person of affection
Wraps his/her legs around your own in a flirty manner
While he/she rubbs your legs with their own to turn you on.
In a heterosexual relationship the guy usually begins the leg footsies as an act of cute flirtation.
Erica: "omg Ian and I made out yesterday for like 2 hours it was amazing"
Meaghan: "what the hell!?!?!! How did he manage to get u to do that?"
Erica: "oh! Well i think it was the leg footsies we were playing before" "what a turn on!"
Meaghan: "wow i should try that sometime!"
by ASovietCanadian May 14, 2011
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To flirt with someone subtly by rubbing your feet against theirs. This is done usually in secret with other people present, popularly occouring at dinner tables, in church, and if you're nasty, a bathroom stall.
I couldn't concentrate on the conversation because I was playing footsie with that hottie the whole time.
by Justin Fuckin Bass February 18, 2009
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