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A group of humans help to a higher standard than the rest of socety. In past generations the Foote's were the ruling classes of at least 100+ countries through out the world. Including but not limited to acient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Atlantis, Atlanta, Atlantic City, and China.

Foote's today are generally regarded as sex god's. Most are super heroes ie; Batman, Superman, The Incedible Hulk, and the Green Lantern.

Foote's usually get the girls they go after, it's just sometime they are shy ya know. It can be hard to ask a chick for your number. No one want's to feel awkward.

Foote's are also known to shine. Not like Edward though, he's just a fag.
Did you see that shiny guy?

Yea, he's a Foote.

(Common Writing prompt)If I were a Foote...

I want to ask that girl out, but i'm a deffinate Foote.
by yomom6687 October 10, 2010
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A very disturbing species of human in the homo class. This genus of homonoid has very a distinct biological makeup with predictable psychological issues. Foote's typically have dangerously high testosterone levels, suppressed homosexual tendencies and a barbaric interest in premature (boy-like) girls.

Foote's are typically raised by violent Cop parents who beat them on a regular basis causing a suppressed childhood rage that begins to release during the child's early puberty.

Foote's are infamous for continuously trying to prove that they are tough, trying to AMOG other guys, flexing in front of other men, repelling girls, and never getting a respectable lay.

Be cautious of this species because they intend to attack from behind in dark seedy areas.

Also Known As 'Tuffy' a nickname personally givin to the species by themselves because they believe they are much better than every one else despite the pact that they are pussies.

Being raised by incestually active cowboy siblings and locked in a room with pictures of erotic homosexual art and having absolutly no contact with the female species. However the females were killed off early in the species existance after 'test tube babies' were scientifically created due to their tendencies for large male orgies and beastiality.
gay incest faggot douchebag cock seeker knob jockey meat bong Foote
by Milto December 09, 2009
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