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When there are so many people on the sidewalk, that you physically unable to walk at a normal pace. Foot traffic is common during rush hours on the way to work or school. Foot traffic can often make short journeys take a long time to travel.
"He was late to math class today because he was stuck in foot traffic"

"Yo! Sorry I couldn't see Catherine today, I was stuck in a foot traffic jam at Toynbee Trail"
by fuckshan May 26, 2019
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The traffic jam caused by people leaving public events all at once. The roads are normally closed, and it is difficult to move.
Lisa: Let's leave now that the fireworks are over.
Shaun: Let's wait half an hour, the roads are packed... There's a foot-traffic jam.
by Leisel Golden January 26, 2009
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When you are stuck in stop-go traffic and your foot gets really tired from switching from the gas to brake pedal so rapidly.
Man, I hope this traffic ends soon. I'm getting some bad traffic foot.
by KTMcEntee January 14, 2014
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The people walking past or to a store or through or near a "traffic point"; as opposed to the "cars and bicycles" traffic going past or to a store or through or near a "traffic point".
In recent Radio Shack survey reports of the early-2000's in-store survey data: "In some store locations in White River Junction, Vermont, the foot traffic to the store actually DID include a traffic surveyor who was there for her own traffic-study surveying purposes."
by White Woman Wrapper September 10, 2022
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