The sound that Nerfs gun make when shooting darts
Hey did you know the sound Nef Gun make when you shoot a dart is foont
by Dogsteeves August 4, 2018
The name of the sound made when you ejaculate across a ceramic drinking jug.

Kind of the same sound that hillbillys use when there in the middle of a ho down and one of them is blowing on a jug.

But your blowing your load across it.
Danny foonted across the ceramic drinking jug.
by xvaluedrivenx January 18, 2010
Verb. lit. throwing - or - to throw. Old Swedish to Bogan Australian, used in sports, child-like behaviourisms and/or cleaning/moving house.
"Stop foonting a fuggen tant babe."
"Foont me the remote ay?"
"Yes, the 10 metre line, foonting it back to the dummy half, no way through, he punches the ref! What a foont! Yeah, nah,the Broncs loose the ball as usual. Piss off ref."
by Fisho on the block October 22, 2022