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1. Used as a expletive to describe situations of extreme absurdidy, frustration, confusion, anger, grief and ecstasy.

2. An exclamation to emphasize the importance of a phrase or point in common conversation.

3. A preface to any discussion or siteing of sheep in the Irish countryside.

Entomology: The term originated in Ireland when a play was witnessed by a group of Irish lititure students. In this play, the characters kept screaming “fooking bingo” to the point that when the students arrived back at their hotel and noticed a rubber duck in the bathroom, they had no choice but to shriek “its a fooking dook”. From this point forward, fooking dook became a substitute for phrases like: fuck, shit, fucking shit, etc. It is important to note that fooking is an expletive while the word fucking is used to describe sex. Therefore a fooking dook and a fucking duck are two very different things.
Fooking dook, I still haven’t finished my Ireland Paper and it’s due in one hour!”

“Oh my god!!! They left us a fooking dook!”

*drops plate full of food on the floor* “FOOKING DOOK

“Fooking dook, it’s a sheep.”
by Fooking sheep May 19, 2018
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