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A meme made in Thatcher's operator video, has become a meme for people who use or get killed by a laser sight attachment.
Lit Kid: "That kid is using laser sights!"
Not Lit Kid: "Fookin laser sights!!!"
by tobster1155 February 26, 2018
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In video games, when a player is using a weapon with laser sights as an attachment and you get shot by that weapon, it isn't uncommon to use the phrase. It is used when you are partially blinded on the screen by the sight, or all you can see is the sight from behind cover.

You can also replace the word fookin with either shitty, op, cancerous..
Player 01: "I just got killed by the douche with fookin laser sights!"

Player 02: "You must be pretty shit then.."
by VapeLordSmoke November 04, 2017
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