From the Latin words "fonte seca" meaning "dry well" referencing a person that lived near a spring that dried up during the summer months. This surname originates from Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Members of Fonseca enjoyed the title of Marquis in Spain - and in Venice accumulated great wealth. This distinguished family holds Coat of Arms in the three aforementioned countries.

This surname is also common amongst Sephardic Jews. Basically, people with this last name are badass.
Did you check out Fonseca's family crest? It just "breathes" nobility.
by Mycity33 January 28, 2021
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The sexiest thing to come out of america in a LONG TIME. Starred in the amazing film Kickass, as well as some hot tub thing.
Me: Mate, did you watch Kickass last night? How fine is Lyndsy Fonseca?!

Mate: Phwaor!!
by SoulTornado92 July 27, 2010
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a person with lots of love to give. someone who is open hearted and so caring. someone who loves many and hates few or none. someone who you can trust, and will trust you back. someone with an open and honest mind, and speaks up. eyes of a goddess, you'll get lost. a smile that will brighten up your day. attractive and makes guys go wild. quiet and shy at first, but then unable to keep silent once started.
cassandra fonseca was so shy today... but then i cracked her open and she wouldn't stop talking.
by _licious August 31, 2010
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The lil rapper in math class that is always lil fonseca in kahoot he is also known as fonseca ramsey
There are no ways to use lil fonseca
by Lil rapper f October 23, 2017
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