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A plagiarism of Fomo, Fomob is the halfbaked brainchild of a small commercial company in its extraordinarily lame and phonetically incorrect attempt to rebrand popculture for their marketing.
Bill:Have you ever suffered from FOMOB? That's Fear Of Missing Out On Business
Ted:Shouldn't that be FOMOOB, then?
Bill:Well yes, but we'll sound stupid saying MOOB and people might not realise we're hijacking FOMO so lets just pronounce it FOMOB in the advert and write is as "Fear Of Missing Out Business" on our website.
Ted:Shouldn't we just say Fear Of Missing Out Business on the advert then?
Bill:Well no because that also makes us sound stupid.
Ted: So either way we will associate our business with cutting corners, intellectual plagiarism, lack of forethought and general stupidity if we proceed with this advert?
Bill:Sounds perfect! Make sure it's repeated several times a day for months!
by WhatIReallyThinkOfThat November 18, 2018
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