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Female name originating from Nigeria. Shortened verion: Shade. Folashade means "Honored with a crown."

Girls named folashade are usually extremely attractive with booty for days. As with most other Nigerian girls, Folashades are also extremely intelligent on top of being damn fine.
Person 1: There's this new girl in our CRD class, have you met her?

Person 2: Oh, you mean Folashade. That is one hot ass African girl.

Person 1: Yeah, I heard she's also hella smart.

Person 2: Probably. You know all those Nigerian girls are...
by Joshiah101 December 08, 2010
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Folashade, is a very attractive girl that loves when she just meets. She is one of those girls that hears if you like her she likes you back immediately. Folashade is just one of those People that will greet you with a smile. The name Folashade is 1st originated from Nigeria and has made it's way all through West Africa.
Random person: Have you met Folashade?

Random person 2: Yeah she is so caring and she got a fine ass.
by Bbgirl_33 May 23, 2018
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