Someone who foams hard over Caltrain. They usually live in Redwood City California and will go as far as to tell someone to end their life for not liking Caltrain or threaten to sue Caltrain for retiring their F40ph fleet.
A Caltrain foamer argues with someone saying Caltrain is the worlds best railroad
by JulianRailroad November 3, 2021
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When one binge-drinks for three days without ingesting any real food, and finally makes a bowel movement. This movement is entirely foam-based, with no trace of solids.
Yo bro, I went camping this weekend and only drank, didn't eat. When I got home, I sprayed out a serious foamer simpson.
by actionjackson27 August 12, 2012
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When someone gets the D so hard they are incapable of swallowing their sylvia, making their mouth foam as if they had rabies
"Rumour has it that Gabe and Angela fucked last night. I heard she was a lust foamer."
by ShiroIsSnazzy August 18, 2018
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A person who froths at the mouth over a pit bull attack!
BSL advocates have foamers diease every time there is a pit bull attack
by perfectdescription October 19, 2013
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A person who froths at the mouth over a pit bull attack!
BSL advocates have foamers disease every time there is a pit bull attack!
by perfectdescription October 28, 2013
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the act of receiving oral sex or a "domer" while having laundry detergent and water lathered on to the male counterparts penis, followed by the female counterpart giving the oral sex or "domer"
"Yo Dawg, last night this biatch wanted to get kinky, so i was like ,how bout' a foamer domer!" Tyrone

"Damn dawg your dick must be sparkling clean now!" Jerome

by JUice March 21, 2003
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Dribbly Foamer Cunt

A deeply disturbed and perverted gunzel couple who like to engage in the practice of jacking off into the tailpipes of white cuntmobiles. This is so they can mix their fluid with the essence of petrol and enjoy a juicy dessert after dinner. They use the concoction as mouth wash but because there is no actual saltwater present, their sore throats remain overused. They wish buses had tailpipes, but they will take what they can get.
I could never be a Dribbly Foamer Cunt because I neither like men nor do I like white vans and I'm pretty sure I'm not a Cunt, not 100% sure but a solid 87.2%. Also don't really want to waste my life partaking in pathetic railway enthusist activities.
by Jaspa944 March 18, 2019
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