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To completely cut someone off during a conversation and intone them from there on out
by Jimmyninja008 December 07, 2017
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To grab, and consume ones beverage or food without asking permission.
Ex: Dude, stop flynning my coke!
sorry man, Its habit.
by Thedestoyer June 19, 2010
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a person who comes from asian and caucasian roots and acts like they are from african roots.
yo homie quit flynning. you a rice cracer not black
by goins May 08, 2009
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Basically being blessed to CRUSH life in all aspects; Amassing great amounts of wealth, friends and bad ass bitches effortlessly while while looking handsome as fuck during said domination
Last night was CRAZY, you see those girls the squad brought home last night? Whole crew was flynning!
by ODZ24 July 15, 2017
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