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A girl lays on her back at the foot of the bed with her legs spread and her feet behind her head. A naked guy with a boner leaps off the bed and tries to land it in her vagina.
I almost broke my dick last night giving some bitch the Flying J.
by T.L.Z. August 29, 2010
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A person that is extremely addicted to Socom II online. He has already surpassed two-hundred playing hours and he is a rank-up whore.
"If someone threatened to take away my Socom I would take it in the ass."
by Toya April 13, 2005
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After having sex, you jump off the bed and cock slap the girl in the face.
Man, I gave her the flying J when she got out of the bed!
by drummerl7 September 12, 2007
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The "Flying J" is a fairly difficult and athletic sexual manuever akin to such greats as the "Houdini", the "Bucking Bronco," or the "Donkey Punch." It requires very specific circumstances and great precision. However, the satisfaction that comes with a perfect execution is that much greater.

- You're shooting hoops in the driveway or the local court.
- Your girlfriend or some unsuspecting hottie is standing under the basketball net, watching you school chumps all day.
- You take a water break and get some quick nookie from the hoochie under the net--enough to get a mean hard on.
- Then you swiftly run back to the foul line, turn around and start gaining momentum for a monster jam. - While running towards the hoop, dribble with one hand and unzip your fly with the other (Pull down your waist band if you're wearing mesh shorts).
- Jump as high as you can, slam dunk dat shit yo, and land your floppy nutsack directly in her mouth. (It should be gaping wide open in awe of your mad balling skillz and massive erection).
- Congratulations. You have just executed a perfect "Flying J". As the ball goes in the hoop, your balls go in her mouth.
- For bonus points, go for a "Flying J with a Full Landing" (Hang onto the rim while she finishes you off).
- For style points, go for a "Bill Russel Trombone" (Reverse slam it and have her give you a "Rusty Trombone" upon dunking)
After shooting hoops with Jenna Jameson, I decided this was my best shot at executing a perfect Flying J.
by fartmasta February 04, 2010
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